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Roses Speak Today

World Redhead Day

Have a happy World Redhead Day!

For all those red hair people around the world, have a happy world redhead day. Red is one of the rarest hair color and only found in 2% of the world's population.


Eid Mubarak

On 23rd May we celebrate the holiest event known as Eid-ul-Fitr in which everything is about wearing new clothes, offering prayers, celebrating love and happiness.

May Ray Day

Enjoy the sunshine on May Ray Day

19th May is here and it’s time to welcome the sunshine of summer. Start by going out of the house and enjoying the unusual spring rains and natural turning seasons.

International Nurse's Day

12th May International Nurse’s day reminds us to appreciate nurses.

May 12 International Nurse's Day reminds us to appreciate nurses from all around the world. Because of nurses, communities are healthy, and we are seeing improvement in patient outcomes.

Cartoonists Day

World Cartoonist Day keeps us amused with their best cartoons.

Happy National cartoonist day in honor of all creative and innovative brains who presented us with their best cartoons to make our lives more fun and happier.

Biological Clock Day

Laud Biological Clock Day to help us appreciate the complexity and importance of our body clock.

Extol Biological Clock Day to help us appreciate the complexity and importance of our body clock that regulates the well-being of our body and mind to power up our day.

Big Word Day

Be smart and have fun finding the treasure trove of big words to use on Big Word Day!

There are a jillion big words to be found in the English dictionary. Be smart and have fun discovering the treasure trove of big words to use on Big Word Day!

National Dolphin Day

National Dolphin Day

Spend time learning about the intelligent dolphin species found in every ocean and some found in freshwater. They love to socialize and bring about joy and happiness through their play.

World Health Day

World Health Day
World Health Day 2020 is to show your support for nurses and midwives that are in the frontline of all global health issues. Use the hashtag #worldhealthday and contribute with your gratitude to show how much we appreciate their dedication, hard work, and courage.

Sorry Charlie Day

Sorry Charlie Day invites us with dealing with rejection and feeling rejected.
Say Sorry Charlie is the day to play that Gloria Gaynor song “I Will Survive”. That song is the anthem for all broken hearts who found a way to move on, past rejection or deceit and start anew with dealing with rejection or feeling rejected in different circumstances of life. 

Go for Broke Day

Go for Broke Day
You know that thing that you wanted to do for so long, but you didn’t find it in you to do it? Take the opportunity to turn your life around, follow the voice of your heart and step on the acceleration pedal.

Vitamin C Day

Vitamin C Day

Vitamin C is essential for our good health, but the body does not naturally produce it. However, its implications for our overall health are tremendous, including the good absorption of iron in the body. Take this day to do more research on how to include more Vitamin C in your diet and the amazing benefits it brings. Happy Vitamin C Day!