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Mad Hatter Day

Mad Hatter Day

Celebrate the crazy and silly Mad Hatter character and experience the fun of being like him, enjoying the songs and Disney cartoons with a Mad Hatter tea party.

World Heart Day - Overcoming Heart Conditions

World Heart Day for awareness to prevent the rate of heart conditions.

World Heart Day focuses on the control of factors that are causing an elevation in heart conditions around the world. WHO takes this initiative every year to prevent the rate of heart conditions. 

National Yoga Month - Health Benefits of Yoga

September is National Yoga Month

September is the time to celebrate National Yoga Month by taking some time out of your busy schedule and spending that time to know more about yoga on how to stay fit both physically and spiritually.

Kiss and Make Up Day - I am Sorry

Celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day

August 25 is the Kiss and Make Up Day celebrated for letting go of all the resentments and anger, to take responsibility, apologize and say “I am sorry.”

Serendipity Day - Observe Your Dreams

Serendipity Day is to expect the unexpected

August 18 is the Serendipity Day, the day in which people look for all the joyous events that are a result of delightful surprises. These unexpected events occur by chance and prove to be beneficial.

Play in the Sand Day

Aug 11: Play in the Sand Day for children to be creative

August 11 is Play in the Sand Day for children to spend the entire day to play with sand doing fun activities either on a beach or in a sandpit. A day full of delight with lots of recreational activities.

Hooray For Kids Day - The Joys of Having Kids

Hooray for Kids Day - Aug 4

Hooray for kids’ day is a national day celebrated on 4 August in the love of having kids. It shows their importance and how meaningful our lives are due to their presence.

World Hepatitis Day - Learn its Treatment, Testing and Care

World Hepatitis Day - July 28


July 28 is World Hepatitis Day, a day to raise awareness against viral hepatitis and to arrange different symposiums on how to get over this disease by learning its treatment, testing, and care.


Be Someone Day - Support for Abused Children

National Be Someone Day

This day is celebrated for the honor of all those children who suffered child abuse.

Pandemonium Day

Pandemonium Day

July 14 is a day when people are free to do anything as crazy as a loon. As it is a day full of chaos, terror, and disorder. Pandemonium day is celebrated to accept that chaos is part of everyday life.

Tell the Truth Day

Tell the Truth Day

Motivate people to know what does truth mean, no matter if it is really hard to speak truth. Truthfulness is a virtue for everyone to practice every day.

International Asteroid Day

International Asteroid Day to raise awareness of space asteroids.

Roses Speak Today

Jun 30: International Asteroid Day

A day to look at the clear sky and to witness meteor showers. You might be lucky enough to see space asteroids from your place.