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World Hepatitis Day - Learn its Treatment, Testing and Care

Viral hepatitis is a deadly disease, which is the 7th leading cause of death in the entire world; about 1.4 million deaths occur every year because of this disease.

World Hepatitis Day is about learning the treatment, testing and care to overcome this disease.

The ratio of the disease is still rising because of the lack of awareness among people, and this condition is showing a red flag, for sure. Hepatitis causes inflammation in the liver, which is the central organ of the body. This condition can also lead to liver cancer and, ultimately, the death of the person. Hepatitis has five main types, and all of them can be deadly, if not examined on time. As a whole, one in every three people dies due to this disease, because most of the people are not aware of the dominant symptoms.

Raise awareness to turn the red flag into the green flag:

This day is to raise awareness through several sessions, seminars, and campaigns. World Health Organization (WHO) also arranges seminars to aware of the world about this infection. Despite vaccines, hepatitis is still growing at an alarming rate, and this is the need of the hour to make people aware of the causes of hepatitis. Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E are highly infectious, and the symptoms appear after a few weeks of the viral attack. Therefore, everyone must practice personal hygiene to prevent yourself from this fatal disease.

Following are some of the preventive measure you should know:

  • Drink safe and clean water
  • Don’t use the personal items of an infected person
  • Stay clean and wash your hands properly
  • Don’t eat uncooked meat
  • In case of getting a shot, make sure that the needle is sterilized

Take a pledge to join awareness campaigns, and share the information with others. If people are aware of the basics of this viral infection, then it would be easy to overcome it.

Happy World Hepatitis Day!

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