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Romancing the Rose Books

"Romancing the Rose" is a series of beautifully presented picture books where roses convey a different message. The perfect gift or coffee table book to inspire conversation.

Be transported to a sentimental place and time to experience sheer enjoyment beyond the sorrows and cares of the world. Sit with these books and smell the scent of the roses between the pages.

Romancing The Rose Books Series Collection Blending Rose And Prose

Roses Book Testimonial

“Roses have been a special part of my life for well over 30 years.  As a commercial rose grower and introducer, I feel privileged to be constantly immersed in their beauty, splendor, and elegance.  I also respect their ability to produce an abundance of brilliant blooms with apparent ease.
Throughout history, no other plant has captured the imagination, the eloquence, and the essence o style and symbolism as the rose.
‘Romancing the Rose’ is a book that presents the Queen of Flowers in a new refreshing form.  Blending rose and prose in a most interesting and intriguing way.  You won’t find planting advice, plant selection, or pruning tips in this book.  Rather, you will discover a world of thoughtfulness and inspiration.
I’m certain when grower’s name and release new roses, they do so with the greatest intent to provide their progeny a special place in the garden world. What I admire greatly in this book, is the way each rose variety has been respectfully and beautifully portrayed.  Combined with such creative and narrative photography there are so many dimensions to explore.
The word ‘unique’ is often bandied about, however, if you are looking for a most worthy recipient then ‘Romancing the Rose’ is a prime candidate.
Please enjoy. Kim Syrus, TV Presenter”

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