Romancing the Rose... Petals of Inspiration Book – Juliana Frances
Petals Of Inspiration The Classic Flower Affectionately Known As The Queen Of The Rose.
Romancing the Rose Petals of Inspiration Book of Poetry and Prose

Romancing the Rose... Petals of Inspiration Book

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The Rose Book Petals of Inspiration

Poetry is a reflection of creativity and imagination to evoke a world of thoughts and feelings like the subtle element of the rose. Take yourself on a sentimental journey to a beautiful place, time or experience.

If only we could be like a flower. What is within the rose that has made poets sing the praise of their beauty and magnificence?

Neither language nor Nationality has ever been a barrier in the expression of love that the rose expresses. It shares its petals and its perfume, without rivalry.

Petals communicate as they unfold with perfect balance – they are the messengers of love.

Poetry creates an awareness connecting the form and purpose of the words expressed, felt, and sensed as flowing harmony. Light and sound allow our senses to be deeply moved which can elevate the living spirit. These roses shown alongside poetry create a playful synergy as you emerge yourself on a sentimental journey.

A Book Of Poetry Inspired By The Romance Of The Rose

"Congratulations on writing a book with the most incredible photographs of outstanding quality showing all the facets of the rose. Sincerely, David Ruston, President Emeritus of the World Federation Of Rose Societies".


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