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Living Threads Testimonials

Mornings Cloud's Cotton Frequencies are truly one of the Creator's most precious gifts to us. I  effortlessly entered into a world of true healing for my mind, body and spirit. I am so grateful to have experienced this release of long buried repressed emotions and the physical healing that has come from it. Please suspend you logical mind and just flow with the frequencies, their wisdom will do all the work for you.  ~ Mary. Ireland


In between seeing clients at the Health and Well-being Expo in Bangalow, NSW, I spoke to a woman who was walking past my stand. She told me about her amazing dog. The lady asked me about my own personal experience with pets. I told her of my sadness, guilt, and grief when 15 years ago I had put down the family dog due to the pressures of living conditions at the time.

The lady whom I now know as Morning Clouds asked me to pick a card from her GenHarmony pack that she had in her bag. The card I picked was called "Cruelty to Animals."

Morning Clouds then asked if we could mediate together for a few minutes as she explained the meaning of the card. It was if a cloud (veil) had been lifted and the family dog 'Jessi' appeared at my side.

'Jessi' is now continously with me as I do my work - Thank you so much to Morning Clouds. ~ Greg Bushell Burleigh Heads (Animal Communicator)


This testimonial is being written as closure of a former life experience. During a conversation with Morning Clouds, I was telling her of my childhood that was spent in a boarding school, the harsh conditions endured, including the food served.

Be warned, the following writing may be repulsive to some.

I selected a card from her Living Thread’s GenHarmony pack called “Wheel of Karma”. Upon which I saw a vision of myself as a twelve year old boy walking along a cobbled path carrying a sack that was filled with rats that I had collected. I received a clairvoyant message that I was in Turkey. This country I have never visited. My next vision was seeing a ship in port and then dunking the sack that I had carried, and placed it in the sea so that the rats could drown. I then had to cut the heads off these rats. I proceeded to walk down into the galley of the ship & gave the rats to the steward that were then put in a large pot that was filled with vegetables! I hated doing this job.

The next card I selected was called “Death of Child”. Ironic as I have no recollections of a happy childhood. The simple fun play like jumping on the bed as a trampoline was never allowed at boarding school. I know that this child still within me now needs to play.

I found these cards very helpful in understanding the reasons behind why I do not like certain foods, to include what I like & what I dislike. Using these GenHarmony cards showed me this past life that is now fully cleared. I have cleared a number of past lives, but this certainly was not one of them, but which is now no longer necessary to revisit. Just a so simple technique of the profound healing contained within these cards. I have now purchased my own cards, and look forward to using them. Beryl May ~ Spiritual Minister


I can't overstate the effects and results of using the Living Threads in my own personal life and with my family and clients. The Living Threads have been playing a huge part in my recovery from the ill effects on my health and personal life of a car crash years ago: nothing seemed to help until I got the chance to work with them in conjunction with HiddenMind. A new chapter in my life has opened since I started working with them. In spite of regularly using them I am still amazed every day at the results and wide ranging positive healing influence they have on all levels even when used on their own. I have to meet yet a situation or condition where they have not been hugely beneficial and brought outstanding results. As well as bringing physical healing they seem to help the person to shift gently into a new, much higher level of awareness of their own emotional, mental and spiritual development, helping gently and with no drama to leave behind outmoded patterns and beliefs. I am so grateful to Morning Clouds for bringing forth the Living Threads and make them available, in my sense and experience they are opening an exciting new frontier in the healing paradigm, one unlike anything I have experienced before. I do hope I'll have the chance, when possible, to train as an instructor, to help other people to empower themselves on their healing and spiritual journey while continuing on my own.  With many thanks and blessings, ~ Giuliana, Ireland


I have been using the cards continually since 2014, first on friends and family and professionally with my patients since 01 April 2016.

 I have to say that 1 love them with a passion. the vibrational accuracy of these cards can and should never be underestimated both their power of accuracy and in the gentleness of their message/translation. I currently interpret them in 3 different ways, and am eager and excited and somewhat giddy to find out there are infinite ways.

Yours Sincerely ~ Brid Flynn, Co Cork, Ireland


It is certainly a powerful book. I have felt some of the energies from the colours and I felt compelled to sleep with the book under my pillow. For two nights running I had vivid dreams on a matter that I had been trying to deal with for some time. (I was not even thinking about this matter at the time.) Each dream followed the other and progressed, each progression being a positive step toward resolving the issue. This type of dream sequence has never happened to me before and I can only attribute it to the book. Thanks again; it’s amazing. ~ Louise A. South Australia


…checked what was out of balance in my meridian system, chakras, Aura and Electromagnetic Field (with kinesiology) & sure enough, your cotton balls balanced them out. It is beautifully presented & it is ‘alive’ and almost 3-dimensional. I think every house should have one. Well done on shifting your magical & useful work out into the world. ~ Carole Starr, Burleigh Heads


When I first tuned into these GenHarmony Cards, I thought that they were the dawnbringers of a new science of healing known as Vibrational Medicine. In my personal field of Vedic Mathematics, another new science or mathematics filtering through, I study what are know as “Sutras” or Universal Formulae to be able to perform rapid Mental Calculation. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word “Sutra” is “Thread” and conjures many lofty images of Quantum Physics “11- Dimensional String Theory”, some Consciousness that is bridging the Dimensions. I believe that Morning Cloud’s gift of these cards is that they are Multi-Dimensional Portals and the essence of their threads taps into our very make-up macrocosmically in the Star Language or microcosmically in the threads of remembrance in our D.N.A.  ~ Jain 108, Byron Bay


First up, I love how the words are presented succinctly with each of the Living Threads Workshops - it creates a Potency of condensed Divine Message... There is a great diversity of topics, and I feel that the Themes are a relevant springboard to the "average" person.

I enjoyed how each topic always finds its way back to the self - leaving the onus on the individual to address self-healing. I believe this work would and indeed WILL be a highly useful resource tool to assist one at this challenging time of ascension…

Thank you Morning Clouds for sharing your powerful writing with me...May your shining light be welcomed by many, and hopefully open some more heart's along the way.  ~ Neptune, Murwillumbah NSW 

It is a beautiful book: I sat down to look through it and ‘suddenly’ found myself transported into an amazing meditation, the end result being the start of another New Life Chapter. Thank you.  ~ Msue Hannay, Ballarat

The moment I seen and felt it, I loved it. A beautifully presented and illustrated book. The energy and vibrations I feel from the cottons are amazing and I have used it everyday since receiving it.    Sharon Colombro, Echuca West

Everyday I use the CCT book to prepare for balance of energy to go into meditation, I can feel it.  ~ Richard Rowlands, Byron Bay.

I am finding many ways to use Colour Cotton Therapy, but I have noticed that whenever I open it at a page it opens at the emotion corresponding to that particular time. ~ Robyn Blakeley, Toowoomba


A little jewel with great energy….5th dimensional tool to support people in bringing balance & harmony into their lives at this time.~ Diana Gazes, U.S.A 

I can be me, no more hiding, no more deceit. Pretence. No more saying what people would love to hear. I can be me for I am a Child of God. God is within me. Thank you. I now have the courage, faith and trust to do the next step in this journey of finding me. I also have the courage to forgive myself & look forward to an exciting fun filled life. Total acceptance of all. I wish you well in getting your wonderful book out there for all to experience whatever it is they need. ~ Lynn W. Kiama 

I took this wonderful book to bed with me the night I had a migraine and kept flipping to the pages that seemed like I needed. I actually went to sleep with it open and woke up wonderfully refreshed the next morning!  ~ Uellan Q’ld


As soon as I held the book (Colour Cotton Therapy)to my heart, the warmth that came through was a beautiful experience. And this from someone who doesn’t always feel things. A must for all to experience.  ~ Adrian G. Moore. Editor of White Light Magazine


Morning Clouds is one of the most profound healers I have come across. Her healing was incredible and life changing. Her most wonderful gift of helping me was to find peace in my life, was most unexpected, but very cherished. I thoroughly recommend her to everyone who is ready to find peace. With much gratitude. ~ Annette Campey – Sydney


Thank-you for such an amazing book. You’re a superstar. ~ Kylie S. Broome


Thank you so much for your lovely book, I use it every day. Such beautiful energy and  love. ~ Leanne Tate, Boya Perth


Thank you so much for sending me this book. It is so beautifully presented and a delight to use. ~ Pamela, Rydalmere


Thank you Morning Clouds. The cards are beautiful. Thank you for such beautiful inspiration.~ Julie Stower, Caboolture Queensland


I am a healer and am overjoyed to find a new and exciting little ‘healing’ book that I can fully recommend. I was initially attracted to the delightful appearance and lovely feel of the book in my hands. After several months with it as a constant companion I can say – buy it, use it, it works!   ~ Anne Knights


Congratulations on your beautiful book, you have done a lovely job. The photographs were just inspiring. My 9 year old son asked why he saw a light like a light globe around the colours that he was visualising!   ~ Christine Monopoli, Tuross Head


Thankyou for your little book. I love it. It is such a beautiful little product and very useful in its own dynamic way. Many thankyous love and RAINBOWS. ~ Bronwyn Daddo, South Melbourne


I love your book – your love, peace and gentleness shines through such beauty. Thank you for this wonderful gift.  ~ Deborah Miller,  ACT


Many thanks for your beautiful book. It certainly has a wonderful feel and I’m sure it will be a wonderful inspiration to many people. ~ Helen Baxter, Burwood


This is a wonderful achievement. We are thankful and looking forward in discovering this gift of God.  ~ Ludwig Schultz Telegraph Point


Thank you for the gift of “Colour Cotton Therapy.” Have been playing with it this morning and WOW!!  ~Janelle Coggan, Nelson Bay


Imagine, my friend opened your book, as I told her, finding a page, an energy for that moment...and it was so strong, going totally through her, that she could only be in touch with it for a few moments... and now, she was wondering, if she could get one of your books as well!!   ~Gabriele B. Cork, Ireland

Thank you for your lovely book, it is beautifully produced. ~ Lionel T. Newport 

Thank you for introducing the colour healing to me. Since I have been using the cottons for my kidneys I have noticed a huge improvement both in my energy & in the pain levels I have had. My energy is up & the pain is down! I have also been using the colour system in my practice since I did the workshop with you. I find that using colour and in particular the colour cottons helps to set the balance that I do on clients.  ~ Janine Michael. Kinesiologist, Donvale

May I congratulate you on a True heartfelt presentation & so much love. Congratulations on presenting such a GIFT.  ~ Jill Colless, ATMS, Baulkham Hills


I gave your book as a gift to an old friend who was in need of help and she loved it. She had an immediate association with it as she is an artist and she is slowly learning to use it for therapy for herself. It ended up being an invaluable gift I could give her to heal when she is so far away from me! ~ Marianne Del a Rosa, Bearii, Victoria

I really love your coloured cottons, and meeting you (and them). ~Pamela J. Altona  

Thank you for the opportunity to experience this book. I felt lots of energy when using it. Was able to go into meditation quickly. I use colour therapy sometimes when doing Reflexology. Your book has encouraged me to use it more often. ~ Nola H. Parkes


Many thanks. I have your book on display in my waiting room. ~Lynette McAlpine,  Moe


Hello. My name is Anita and I’m here to tell you about something wonderful that happened to me in the last year. Since the age of 22 I have been a sufferer of vertigo on and off. Through kinesiology it was discovered which meridian was blocked. We discovered that the times I got vertigo was always after a personal hurt had occurred. I used the kidney meridian of the Living Threads (bunched together in a circle) and said three affirmations relating to the kidney meridian. Prior to using the threads I held my hands together above my head and measured them. If the kidney meridian was out then my hands would come together at different lengths and so would my feet. Then after would go back and measure my hand and leg length. In every instance the ritual worked and the lengths were now even. Since I have been doing this now every day for 6 months I am no longer effected by emotional upset. The first night after using the colour healing threads I felt complete happiness and peace and warmth inside. I feel privileged to be able to experience healing on such a high level  and once again I say thankyou & God Bless.  ~ Anita Gajek,  North Geelong


I just want to say thank you so much for the book – it is fantastic. I have been using it in my personal chakra clearing process and the results are quite amazing.   ~ Suzie Penney, Ultimo


I am enjoying the book very much and find it helpful for meditation and healing. Thank you!   ~ Allison C. NZ 

The energy in your gorgeous book is quite amazing, and the whole concept is so simple.  ~ Jan Collar, Springbrook

I have used five healing colours for the last two months. I feel they have made a great difference in my well being. I feel so much happier with myself. I would have no hesitation in recommending Morning Clouds frequencies to my friends and others. ~ Leesa Willmott, Dalston 

Thank you for introducing me to your beautiful book. ~ Traute Hodson, Fairfield

Thank you for the Symbolique of World Peace image. A most timely image. I have also have found your book very helpful.  ~ Marie Townsend,  Katherine, NT

Thank you for the Colour Cotton Therapy book. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It’s a beautifully presented book.  ~ Irene Kormoci, South Yarra

I have found the book very interesting as, from the moment I first held it, it has buzzed in my hands, and still does. I believe that it will be of great use to me and I am looking forward to any future publications on this subject. ~ Maryanne Carter, Victoria, Australia

Thank you very much for the excellent book. The book has a great feel to it, and I am sure it will come in handy with my kinesiology practice – I have already used it several times whilst balancing my own energies. ~Nick Malkin

The book was wonderful. Well done – I have already utilised it with a client. ~ Janice R. Doncaster

With my thanks Morning Clouds. “IT WORKS” for me. Gently improved energy flow was just lovely & the correction is holding.  ~ Colleen Panaho, Ganmain 

The concepts within are much greater than the size of the book. Thank you very much. Just looking through it gave me a lift – it looks delightful. ~ Monika Linton, Bullaburra



Living Threads Reviews and Testimonials

From Living Now Magazine Australia

I picked up my Living Threads book and flicked through a few pages.  One particular Thread jumped out of the page at me.  I placed two fingers on that Thread, and released a lot of energy from my body as I held my fingers over it.  Something big was being released.  I then looked up the meaning of the Thread and it was "The Battered Child".  I have been working on releasing a lot of the trauma that I had experienced from my childhood so it was absolutely appropriate.  Amazing!   ~ Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin., February 2018
Advanced Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner

I watched the DNA video. Felt relaxed and thread of one maroon and white combination had a thread which gave me the feeling of an umbilical cord. Gold and white one surpassed my thinking. ~ Richard - Alstonville NSW Australia    Health Researcher, March 2018