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International Asteroid Day

Wish everyone a Happy Asteroid Day. A perfect time to watch for space asteroids.

Night-time is the perfect time to watch space asteroids streaking across the whole sky, as there are many asteroids present in the space. The total number of asteroids until now is 957,827, and they are present in the space from 4.6 billion years ago at the time of the formation of the solar system. Most of these asteroids are orbiting the sun in the area of the central asteroid belt. These asteroids vary from size to size, and the largest among these asteroids are of size 530 kilometers in diameter as it is 329 miles away. Asteroid comprises of a more substantial mass, and the total mass of these asteroids is less than the mass of Earth’s moon. This day is to honor the anniversary of Tunguska event 1908, and the program of celebrating Asteroid Day run by Asteroid foundation.

Celebrations of Asteroid Day:

This day is to raise awareness among the people who do not know about the formation and roles of these space asteroids. By the aid of different educational programs, this day allows people to learn about the resources and protecting Earth by the impact of these space asteroids. The space agencies, United Nations, different schools, and foundations celebrate this day and arrange an awareness campaign. Awareness session to get knowledge about the risk of these asteroids is also present, other than this; the students learn a different piece of information about astrology science and opportunities. There are many exciting events held on this day to raise awareness among the locals. You can look for them online and make your reservations. If you are a true astronomy lover, you must not miss this day to celebrate.

Let us join these campaigns to get awareness, and as a society, this is very important to learn about the risky impacts that could occur by these asteroids.

Seek knowledge and wish everyone Happy International Asteroid Day!

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