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Be Someone Day - Support for Abused Children

National Be Someone Day is observed in the honor for those children who went through the period of child abuse.

National Be Someone Day

The world is facing a remarkable increase in child abuse annually, the US reports about 2.9 million child abuse cases, every year, which is something to desolate about. 51.3% of the girls suffered from child abuse every year. The death of every five children occurs because of this depressing dilemma of society. Therefore, reporting child abuse is essential and no one is there to speak about it. National Be Someone Day is observed for providing financial and emotional support to all the children who at some point in their life became a victim of child abuse. Project Be Someone supports the five steps that will prepare you to report child abuse from learning the facts to reacting responsibly. The purpose of this day is to support all these children, and if these children find you are trustworthy to share the past event of child abuse, go for reporting that criminal occurrence. It will just take 10 seconds to report the case and to provide the children with a ray of hope.

Take the pledge to report child abuse:

Child abuse is increasing day by day, but our minor contribution can honor the sufferings of that child. Reporting these cases is very important because this is how the child can seek justice and avoid such harsh treatment in the future. So, take the pledge and speak for the honor and support of these children. If a child finds you trustworthy to share the grief episode of his/her abuse, go for reporting the case, your ten seconds can change the life of that child. There is nothing more inspiring than if you stand by the child and demand for his fairness.

You can be someone’s hero in the story of his/her life! Take a step and move forward to speak about child abuse as your one-step can change a life.

Happy National be Someone Day!


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