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Serendipity Day - Observe Your Dreams

August 18 is Serendipity Day 

Serendipity Day is to trust that something extraordinary is about to happen

Serendipity Day was celebrated for the first time in the year 2010, with Horace Walpole introducing the word serendipity in the year 1754. The word serendipity reminds us of the story of The Three Princes of Serendip, who find the answers to all the queries unexpectedly in their castle. This is the day which gives a tenderness to all humans that they are unbolted to look over all the helpful changes, which occur in life accidentally. Serendipity day is the day that firms the beliefs of a person that something marvelous is about to happen, and you just have to explore it. The day encourages the viewpoint in which you are always ready to accept all the unexpected things that will be joyous for you. You just need to look after all those probabilities that will be giving you the pleasing surprises. All of these serendipities are eloquent signs that will make you feel wondrous.  No doubt, happy surprises are always there waiting for you, you just have to put a glance on all the coincidences available.

Celebrations of Serendipity Day:

There are many ways to celebrate Serendipity Day, but the most appealing way to commemorate this day is to follow the key of Madeleine Kay. According to her commands, the only way to discover unexpected events is to come out of your comfort zone and explore the surroundings. The person can only go for experiencing serendipity by staying lively, and by enjoying the present moments of life. Many of the fortunate discoveries must be waiting for you; all we need is to dig out all those undiscovered possibilities that will be full of serendipity. Being an enthusiastic person will help you to stay confident. Seeking serendipity is the most used inspirational line that allows people to cherish their happy moments.

Stay lively and cherish happy moments of your life. Wish everyone Happy Serendipity Day and share your inspirational happenings with others!

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