Living Threads Energised Water – Juliana Frances
Living Threads Energised Water Card to probe the depths of the psyche in healing ourselves and the planet.
Living Threads Water Energizer Card

Living Threads Energised Water

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Living Threads Energised Water

Living Water is the element of life itself and essential for our survival. It is unequivocally the gift of creation. 

It is the unique properties within water that make it so important for life on earth.

Every drop of water and its relationship with air absorbs all influences from the environment and negative thought-forms. This Living Water energizer is structured to remove memory imprints; a cellular memory eraser.

All our senses are influenced and affected by water.  Be it the scenic beauty or sounds of ocean waves crashing, or the gentle bubbling spring; the refreshing bath, or the taste of crystal clear water. Their combination creates our perceptions of the world. And as such we have a responsibility to preserve our water for the maintenance of nature.

Water serves multiple purposes in the body.

Stated that over 60% of humans, 90% of animals and plants, and up to 70% of the earth itself is comprised of water.

Water is the primary building block of cells, regulates temperature,  metabolizes proteins and carbohydrates, lubricates joints, insulates and acts as a shock absorber, flushes waste and toxins, principal solvent, and carries oxygen and nutrients.

This is why the element of water is so important and how closely connected all life on earth, including air, and the planets are with water.

Water absorbs both positive and negatives influences from the environment. negative thoughts, our tendency to waste, all significantly have a detrimental effect since the eon of time.  However, man has also constrained the water's natural flow. Artificial fertilizers, pollution, changes within the air and soil components, 

Water was designed for preserving health.

Water does have a memory as trialed by Dr. Emoto. He showed that water could react to positive thoughts and words, and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization.

It is more beneficial when you are ready and willing to absorb the vibrations within each color and assimilate this information. Through your contribution with positive thoughts, you are able to draw the full benefit of this cosmic energy. Respect for nature must be given.

The Ignition Process

This Living Water thread frequency transmits to the water and embeds positive information directly from its original Source, i.e conversant with the purest love. This imparts spiritual invigoration, and to the evolution of consciousness.

Take a moment to initiate the energy of this Living Threads frequency to ground the energy throughout the circuitry and aura of your entire form. Place this frequency on or near a glass of water and have 3-6 sips.

This imbues the water with the vibrations of the Living Thread frequency. Sit with your eyes closed for a moment and breathe deeply giving yourself time to combine with the Energy. With every in-breath receive the Infinite current and with every out-breath release into that expanse of the universe.

Note: This is not a medicine. No clinical trials have been made. Yet this doesn't change anything from the viewpoint of the people using this water!

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