Living Threads Strength And Vitality Wellness Course – Juliana Frances
A unique language of colour valency bringing forth vitality, health and wellness evolving towards pure consciousness divinity.
Repairs the blood crystallisation levels of consciousness for your Sacred Heart to be naturally restored and regenerated.
Harness the power of the emotions with the transmission colour codes, smoothing to the body, mind and emotions – the optimal state of being.

Living Threads Strength And Vitality Wellness Course

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Topics for the Living Threads Strength And Vitality Wellness Course are: 

  • Bones - Muscles

  • Skin

  • Blood Vessels

  • Head - Face

  • Intestines

The healing help of these Heart Codes is about assimilation, and building strength and vitality. With the easeful release of tension allows a more sensuous flow to the movement of any physical imbalance created by the body’s emotional imbalance. When assimilation and elimination are in perfect balance the functional activity of the cells both purify and inspires the spiritualization of our existence. The living spirit of the heart is love giving itself entirely and is shown within our facial caricature which is loved. Touching all aspects of the body, both balance and harmony are restored through the power of these Heart Codes.