Living Threads Esoteric Course – Juliana Frances
A mathematical function of colour harmony within all the chakras balancing and aligning your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic selves.
Turn all grief beyond your electromagnetic density into treasures of great joy, liberation, love, truth,happiness and wisdom.
Pulsating colour codes of light to allow the structure within the divinity of the heart to be fused into different Light-time zones.

Living Threads Esoteric Course

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Topics for the Living Threads Esoteric Course are: 

  • Astrology
  • Chakras
  • Meridians
  • Numerology
  • Symbols

Esoteric philosophy to accelerate the pace of your spiritual evolution. The spiritual activity to oversee the unconscious urges, thoughts, and understanding of life, transcending as a free spiritual being. Soar high into the realms of eternal bliss for your heart to be filled with cosmic love. The esoteric philosophy of freedom.

Wisdom – Wisdom learned – Wisdom gained – Wisdom understood.

Ancient cultures used imagery, themes, and symbols into their myths and became an inextricable part of human life. Their philosophy was to understand their divine origins. It is now time for us to awaken the hearts and minds of all people and to live in harmony with our environment.

The key is to found in the heart and those willing to open the heart. Understand the divinity that resides in the heart and in the universe and in all of creation.

How are we to love if we don’t have the answers to fear? Just surrender and melt into the field of love within each frequency covering these special themes. Awareness is life; it is universal and endless. Spiritual commitment influences our health outcomes.