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Living Threads Colour Therapy Treatment Book Manual

Living Threads Healing Colours Book

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Living Threads weave an individual tapestry on a journey of sacred healing colours. It offers a non-invasive modality ahead of its time. The vast possibilities of these colour frequencies accomplish their mission of potentialities. They allow our spirit and soul to soar.

The quintessence of each substance being held in a colour vibration is extracted for any imbalance or dysfunction. Any virus or toxin that has created the body to be susceptible to dis-ease can be infused with Light to activate the natural power of healing within.

The vital essence of these frequencies resonates within every cell. This frequency emanating from the cotton strengthens the body and spirit to nurture harmony;  facilitating change and relieving stress-causing organisms.

Each colour possesses three distinct meanings; literal, symbolic and self-interpretation. The holistic medicine approach uses Living Threads colour therapy treatment book that represents our visual absorption, yet directs our thoughts and goes beyond the literal colour to a world of emotions, past events plus more.

Encapsulated within the living colours are variations within variations that resonate our keys to the future. Ultimately these frequencies are the means of aligning us intuitively with Source and a power to self-heal. Through light and intention of heart, energy can be transformed.  Especially for those that desire positive spiritual transformation to activate the healing power within.

In this chain formation, each frequency code is vibrated long enough to allow these combinations to spiral into a higher wavelength of light.

Living Threads Colour Therapy Treatment Book

Living Threads colour therapy treatment book activates the process of delving into the nitty-gritty of our complex fragmentary selves; unravelling the knots. They are a journey in self-understanding (strengths and weaknesses) in helping attain a whole new sense of well-being, skills, and wisdom. This book will be of great personal and clinical value to anyone willing to immerse in the effects of colour and beyond.

To guide, trust and open doors to the wide scope of probabilities and possibilities. Embrace the unknown; expect the unexpected.

The tapestries of almost 5000 combinations have been developed reflecting the complex nature of life. As the melting pot of life - the combination of cotton threads is a RECIPE with powerful and penetrating effects; power portraying the position and potency of the meaning of each of these colours, bringing them to life through that which is woven.

Living Threads Book Review

 "I can't overstate the effects and results of using the Living Threads in my own personal life and with my family and clients. The Living Threads have been playing a huge part in my recovery from the ill effects on my health and personal life of a car crash years ago: nothing seemed to help until I got the chance to work with them in conjunction with Hidden Mind. A new chapter in my life has opened since I started working with them.
In spite of regularly using them I am still amazed every day at the results and wide-ranging positive healing influence they have on all levels even when used on their own. I have to meet yet a situation or condition where they have not been hugely beneficial and brought outstanding results.
As well as bringing physical healing they seem to help the person to shift gently into a new, much higher level of awareness of their own emotional, mental and spiritual development, helping gently and with no drama to leave behind outmoded patterns and beliefs.
I am so grateful to Morning Clouds for bringing forth the Living Threads and make them available, in my sense and experience they are opening an exciting new frontier in the healing paradigm, one, unlike anything I have experienced before.
I do hope I'll have the chance, when possible, to train as an instructor, to help other people to empower themselves on their healing and spiritual journey while continuing on my own.
With many thanks and blessings,
Giuliana, Ireland

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