Living Threads Body Organs Course – Juliana Frances
Feel the threads facilitate the conscious need of the breath via the mechanics of the lungs within the body organs.
Reactivate the vibrant sounds within the colours that form a musical mandala gently weaving the fabric of creation within our body organs.
Receive the highest benefits with colour codes to enliven and restore our body organs. Through this process our body organs become aligned with our heart, facilitating our path of expansion, balance and growth

Living Threads Body Organs Course

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Topics for the Living Threads Body Organs Course are:

  • Stomach
  • Kidney’s-Bladder
  • Liver
  • Lungs
  • Spleen-Pancreas

Body Organs Working Together.

Every organ has a specific role and vibrates at energy specific to it alone. The body responds to our thoughts but we are not aware of this. They send sensations and messages of attention but most are ignored, like the butterflies or that gut feeling.

These body organs series is not about the anatomy, nor physiology within these specific organs but about our health. We need to recognize that our body, mind, and soul, including our thoughts and emotions together, form the whole person.

If repressed emotions, issues, or shortcomings are not addressed but left unresolved they become hazardous by directly affecting our everyday health.  By dealing with each part of the whole, although not exclusive that the human body organs can begin to enliven our well-being.  And, our health can truly vibrate at the highest level whilst enjoying the highest potential health.