GenHarmony Spiritual Reading Cards – Juliana Frances
GenHarmony Cards Living Threads Metaphysical cards provide insight to create optimum health, harmony and happiness.
GenHarmony Living Threads Harmonious Combinations Of Metaphysical Cards Box Set
Simply Place Two Fingers On The Metaphysical Cards Living Threads  For Life Changing Insight

GenHarmony Spiritual Reading Cards

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GenHarmony is a breath of life. Each frequency within these Spiritual reading cards expands consciousness. To sharpen the senses, have the organic functions strengthened with sensitivity and intuition cultivated, is to awaken the intimacy within.

Every phenomenon of life brings potentiality to seek in ourselves for signs of characteristic moments.

Simply by connecting with a specific card provides an interactive way of being and seeing within oneself, which is Love. This is the truth of us when we allow our consciousness to touch us. When we allow our life experiences to be understood and felt. Because GenHarmony is so user-friendly, incorporate, and interact with these Spiritual reading cards as part of your daily routine.

Allow the simplicity of GenHarmony to release hidden aspects that you may never have looked at before. Feel into the mystery of life. Work with your heart. Be receptive and feel the power within to change any of life's circumstances for the better. An opportunity to look within and contemplate awaits.

There is no need to be fearful of any knowledge that may awaken within you. The mind does create boundaries and obstacles. Whilst using the GenHarmony Spiritual reading cards, feel free to take out the two most confronting cards. There you will find the intuitive information held within. This can be challenging as change can be challenging.

In time you will find your own answers. But in the meantime, as you are opening and feeling less intimidated you will do work on yourself. This is not because someone is telling you, but because you want to.

Go within with eyes wide open. Unlock your highest potential to facilitate the changes to empower you to manifest your inherent state of Oneness.

GenHarmony Cards Testimonials

“My students were using the Gen Harmony cards this weekend and were astounded at how accurate they are – it’s almost an eerie feeling when the same card keeps coming up regarding an emotion one is going through.” 
Diana Smith, Cape Town South Africa

"I have been using the cards continually since 2014, first on friends and family and professionally with my patients since 01 April 2016. I have to say that I love them with a passion. The vibrational accuracy of these cards can and should never underestimate both their power of accuracy and in the gentleness of their message/translation. I currently interpret them in 3 different ways, and am eager and excited and somewhat giddy to find out there are infinite ways."
Brid Flynn,  Co Cork, Ireland

Dimensions: 10cm X 16cm X 5cm (4 inches X 6.3 inches X 2 inches approximately)

Weight:  595 grams