Living Threads Glossary – Juliana Frances

Living Threads Glossary

Alchemy:  Uniting the Divine and oneness with the world - going beyond combining the five philosophical elements of earth, fire, air, water and the hidden ‘fifth element’ quintessence to transmute metals into gold or silver to unite the hidden depths of life itself.

Aura:  All living organisms are surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field. The colours within the aura are flexible and can change in size, texture and density.

Bio-dynamic:  Encompasses a holistic land farm management practice and quality interrelationship of the soil, plants and animals; without water-soluble/synthetic fertilisers or chemicals. Developed by Rudolf Steiner.

Chakras:  Primary storehouse of one’s consciousness, influencing one’s health to be aligned and balanced. Each is a spinning vortex, or wheel of energy frequency vibration attuned to a different colour and sound.

Change: Is an affect of cause, effect and consequence. The only constant in the continuum of that of all life.  May be challenging or misunderstood.

Consciousness: A state of awakened awareness or intelligence; multi-layered and differing pending the individual’s environment and beliefs. Growth through learning enables consciousness to expand. The unconscious holds hidden truths and the subconscious is the loyal servant.

Ego:  The filter between the soul and the spirit making us individuals in our human existence from the ‘we’ of the universe.

Emotions: All emotions hold the positive intent of assisting in seeing the truth, receiving their teaching and healing the root cause. Strong negative emotions often come from hidden wounds and unresolved life experiences. Deep emotions may arise from a sense of separation and a desire for unity that may be misunderstood by the emotional body.

Energy:  Everything in our universe is made up of energy. It works on specific bands, planes of dimensions.

Enlightenment:  An understanding and experience of a united state of blessed consciousness within the universe. Our identity marked by self realisation, understanding and knowledge of our Higher Self and the spirit world of infinite-eternal Absolute Awareness.

Esoteric:  A multiple layered world of mind, body and spirit and further within and beyond.

Finger Modes/Mudras: Ancient body language using either one or both hands and/or fingers start electromagnetic currents within the body to regulate and balance the five elements to restore health.

Frequency:  Highly concentrated energy moves through all planes of existence and dimensions.

Hermetic Consciousness or Science:  An altered state of mind that is divorced from the concerns of prejudices of everyday life. Hermetic consciousness is fluid, and uses images and symbols to discuss ineffable truths. Hermetic communication seeks to expose hidden meanings and underlying truths. Being a creative manifestation of force fields “made actual” through the Grace of God.   

Homeopathy:  Healing principle of “like cures like” based on the “Law of Similar’s”.

Illumination:  Evolving energies preparing for higher state frequencies.

Intention: Let all intentions show clarity for either accomplishing or attaining. Focus imaginatively to turn possibilities into reality. By focusing gives power. Affirm the intent but let go of all expectations.

Intuition:  Putting aside the logical use of one’s mind to acquire information.

Kinesiology:  The study of specific body movement (through muscle reflexology and acupressure points) to identify blockages and enhance the self-healing process.

Light:  A high level frequency parallel with unconditional love. Illumination derived from an infinite array of light emissions.

Mandala:In Sanskrit, mandala means sacred or magical circle. Used in religious philosophies, particularly Buddhism and Hinduism in rituals for establishing sacred space and also serve as objects of contemplation and meditation.

Meditation:  State of being and practice of stilling the mind and ‘going within’. Used by many spiritual practices as a way of connecting intimately with one’s Higher Self and ‘Source’.

Meridians:  An invisible web of pathways that brings vitality and balance to the body. This life-energy often known as chi, qi or prana are unique to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Multi-Dimensional:  These are Planes of Existence to expand our conscious awareness beyond the realm of possibility.

Pendulum:  A balanced object suspended on a cord so it is able to swing freely and turn. The pendulums movement is influenced by both Earth and Spirit energy to access answers.

Presence:  Attaining the realization of ‘oneness’ with Universal Source energy.

Sacred Space: A space of safety and acceptance, lifting any obstacle or fear to be embraced and opened to trust in unconditional love, soul to soul, heart to heart united into a unified force.

Self-Point: Simply apply pressure to the ‘Self-Point’ in the natural crevice of the chest (sternum) with either the left or right thumb and use whatever pressure feels comfortable. This is the central point for the heart, where the universe meets and which nothing is hidden.

Source:  Home of Higher Self, Spirit and Divine ‘Oneness’.

Soul:  Our unique essence with a purpose of attaining true knowledge and true wisdom through spiritual learning. It has existed prior and will exist after this human existence until ultimately intertwining with Divine Source.

Spirit:  The blueprint of our original self. Spirit holds the higher realization of worlds that have preceded this world and worlds that are to come.

Spectrum:  An array of frequencies dispersing light in quantum physical dimensions and beyond what the human eye can physically sight.

Subtle Energy: A vital force energy c’hi interconnects and surrounds all living things. Sometimes called prana brings balance with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy unseen channels  called chakras, nadis and meridians.

Time:  A human measure of chronological existence on earth.

Transformation:  Positive change of behaviour where one illuminates light and love.

Triad of Health: The relationship with the Structural/Physical, Mental/Emotional, Nutritional/Chemical all working, interacting and communicating in unison as the triad of health.

Truth:  Pure knowledge of understanding directed from the heart not the mind.

Vibrations:  Energy pulsating in specific rhythms.

Wholeness:  Harmoniously balancing ‘oneself’ with a universal Source of love and light.

Witness: To be fully present with ourselves with the capacity to internally experience the feelings of others.