Living Threads Frequently Asked Questions – Juliana Frances

Living Threads Frequently Asked Questions

Living Threads, Colour Cotton Therapy and GenHarmony knowledge and wisdom cards frequently answered questions are willingly and openly shared.

What are Living Threads?

The threads are aspects of energy. The cottons used to make these frequencies are made from 100% pure cotton (primarily used for embroidery). There are 440 shades that can be made into unlimited combinations by using various measurements and wavelengths. The selected colours are joined together, in correct sequence, and folded to form what looks like a rose with a cohesive force of love.

The colours may either be a single colour or a combination of colours. Each thread (code) reflects the complex multifaceted nature of life. Like the melting pot of life-the combination of cotton threads is a recipe with powerful and penetrating effects.

What is the purpose of Colour Cotton Therapy?

This book offers you an invitation to participate and explore in a great awakening to healing and transformation. The resonance of the colour energy vibrations in this book can enable one to feel their individual uniqueness. Perhaps more pointedly, to connect the user with their own power to bring balance and harmony to the body-mind.