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Living Threads Book Manual Colour Cotton Therapy Book And Genharmony Set Of Three empowers individuals to transmute their darkness and fear into an unlimited potential for light, love and strength. It is the magic of the soul that can vibrationally lift us into greater joy and expansion.
Living Threads Colour Therapy Treatment Book Manual
Colour Cotton Therapy Book Gen Harmony Healing Cards
Colour Cotton Therapy Book And Gen Harmony Frequency Healing Cards
Living Threads Water Frequency For Healing

Living Threads Manual, Colour Cotton Book And GenHarmony Set Of Three

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These dynamic and exciting products are something not to be missed in the world of holistic medicine.  These health care products are directly related to being healthy.  

Be Healthy with healing colours.  It’s that simple.

Using these healing colours has a unique way of triggering the body’s own ability to heal.  You can help yourself to aid in the treatment of your physical health, Spiritual health, and mental health care.  Through the use of these health care products with these books and cards you will experience a treatment. The benefits of holistic medicine will become obvious in the state of your overall health. 

Well-being is how you feel about yourself and your life. These healing colour products allow you to restore yourself to optimum health and wellness.

Colour Cotton Therapy Book 

The Colour Cotton Therapy book is ideal for beginners. It is more than a book, it is an experience – a unique form of vibrational healing used as mind-body medicine.  It is your introduction to using healing colour therapy for optimal health with the benefits of meditation. 

 Use your own creative expression to aid you to enjoy this transformational experience. It is here to help you.

The colour threads within this book feature the aura, chakras, meridians, glands, electromagnetic, underground water, mercury, and Feng-shui, you experience how to “feel” energy and how to use this energy of colour frequencies to rejuvenate your body simply by listening, seeing and feeling.

GenHarmony Cards   

These Spiritual reading cards are designed to maintain your health when faced with life’s challenges and emotions.  They represent a broad spectrum of life’s experiences and metaphors which impact us.

GenHarmony is the dawn bringer of a new science of healing.

Because GenHarmony is so user-friendly, incorporate and interact with these cards as part of your daily routine.

Living Threads Book

Living Threads is a journey in self-understanding your strengths and weaknesses. In particular to help attain a whole new sense of well-being, skills, and wisdom.  Markedly, this work will be of great personal and clinical value; plus to anyone willing to immerse in the effects of colour and beyond. 

Living Threads have strengthened and evolved from embracing preventative health care to now also encapsulating higher dimensional spiritual growth. 

Colour is everywhere, but its essence is not seen.  These colour frequencies are a transformational experience and tool that can be used in whole body-mind healing. They draw out our soul qualities and become a potent force for healing, helping to face our deepest fears. 

This book contains almost 5000 colour frequencies categorized into 214 separate headings.  It is a most unique product which can be used by anyone who is committed to mastering their own health.

It’s so simple it’s almost unbelievable.

By following a few simple steps and looking at the colour frequencies you allow the change in you, to move from a state of sickness to natural health. You can change your life in a moment.

Our mission is to provide health care products. Specifically aimed at enhancing the quality of life for a healthy state of well-being free from disease.

We have a team in place to answer any queries you may have and we would be delighted to hear from you.

Includes a Living Threads Water Energizer Cards as a free gift


Colour Cotton Therapy Book:
15.5cm x 15.5cm x 1.6cm ( 6.1 inches x 6.1 inches x .63 inches) 

GenHarmony Cards:
10cm X 16cm X 5cm (4 inches X 6.3 inches X 2 inches)

Living Threads Book:
31cm X 23cm X 3cms (12.2 inches X 9 inches X 1.2 inches)

Total Weight of these items: 2.8 kgs