Worship of Tools Day - 11th March – Juliana Frances

Worship of Tools Day

Worship of Tools Day is celebrated every year on March 11th. This day is all about tool repair, organizing the tools that you use, and most importantly taking a few minutes of your day to pay your appreciation and gratitude for the tools that you use daily. Without them, your craft would be much harder, if not impossible.

Tools help us with everyday chores, small repairs, or even big fixes. Our ancestors have invented them a very long time ago, and back then, the simple tools like a hammer or pliers made a huge difference back then. In time, people have refined them even more, so that today we use them even more easily.

Scissors, hammers, cutting tools, tools for polishing or painting, they all make our lives easier and fun. Simple as they are, without them around, we’d have a much harder time fixing things.

Yes, today is also about fixing things. Back in the day, people would repair their stuff multiple times before even considering throwing them in the bin. Things were much more valuable and durable back then. These days, we easily throw stuff away without thinking twice. Tools included.

Well, not today. Today is about tool repair, tool organization, and why not, using your tools to make small home repairs, that you’ve postponed for so long. When you have the right tools around, things are easy to fix.

Worship of Tools Day is a great reminder of the importance of the tools we use regularly. Take a moment to think about how much harder your life would be without these tools at your disposal. Pay your gratitude for these precious objects, the people who invented them, and of course, the people who made them.

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