World Understanding and Peace Day - February 23rd – Juliana Frances

World Understanding and Peace Day

February 23rd, 1905 marks the first every meeting 4 businessmen from Chicago who gathered together to promote good works and honest dealings. Later on, their weekly meetings were rotated between their offices, thus the name Rotary was born, and what we know today as the Rotary Club.

The “World Understanding and Peace Day” was first celebrated 115 years ago, and was a celebration of goodwill, peace, and understanding amongst people.

Hence, this is our personal quest for today.

Understanding others past our differences, embracing them as they are and having an open heart towards the world. Most times, we tend to build a wall between ourselves and the rest that we believe will protect us from the outer danger. But did you know that the best protection is love? Loving others is the absolute best way to disarm others and protect the world.

At this point in time, peace in the world and understating is what we need most.

We may not change the world into a more peaceful place tomorrow, or all by ourselves, but we can change the world we live in for the better. The first thing to do is to have understanding and compassion towards ourselves.

If we want to understand the world and others, we have to understand, accept and love ourselves first. What is the world we live in, but a reflection of the world that we hide deep inside ourselves?

Once we understand the perfection in all that is, and when we are humble enough to understand that our value is equal in the eyes of creation, we can see that our pain is someone else’s pain and our struggles are the same.

This is a great day for introspection. If you want to see peace in the world, make peace with what’s inside. If you want to see kindness and goodwill, be kind and understanding to yourself, and the world will reflect this back to you.

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