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World Compliment Day

While not as popular as other celebrations, World Compliment Day was first held at the beginning of the 2000s in the Netherlands. Since that day, this celebration has gained more popularity amongst the Nordic countries. Today, World Compliment Day is a festive day honored in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway too.

The idea behind this celebration is to make as many sincere compliments to other fellow men, people you know or strangers. In 2020, the creator of World Compliment Day aims to turn this event into a Global initiative and create “Most Positive Day in the World”.

While it may look like the philosophy behind this special day is rather simple, it is actually backed by science. American psychologist and philosopher William James believed that “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”

I strongly believe this to be true.

Remember the last time you received a compliment from someone, how did it make you feel? Even if you didn’t believe those words to be true, they still made you feel good, at least on an unconscious level.

Giving and receiving compliments is actually the building blocks of a healthy, happy and empowered society.

The principle is simple: what you want, give to others. Do you want to feel good about yourself? Make another feel good about him or herself by making a compliment. If we all did this, even for just one day of the year, March 1st for instance, we would experience a world filled with love, acceptance, and empowerment, at least for this day. But you know what they say, one day at a time.

Who you want to compliment on this day? Think of at least three people who you’d like to give small compliments. Making a compliment never costs a thing, and this day is more than the perfect opportunity to turn it into a habit.

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