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Valentine’s Day

St Valentine's Day is celebrated in many nations around the world. Numerous sources accept that it is derived from the story of St Valentine, a Roman cleric who was martyred on February 14 in the year 270 CE.

St Valentine’s Day is a great and memorable day for lovers where flowers, chocolates, cards, a romantic meal, a picnic in the park, gifts exchanged or meaningful deeds done will undoubtedly be acknowledged.

The gift of roses is, without doubt, the most traditional symbolic gift to bestow on St Valentine's Day. Rather than giving a bouquet of roses, choose a rosebush instead, that the special person in your life will think of you, knowing that each rose petal is the thought of love.

At times, love between two individuals feels so meaningful, that they need to display their affection, and openly communicate that love. Express your love today to your special someone who inspires romantic feelings, communicates your dreams, desires, and thoughts.

The heart is universally recognized as it embodies passion, infatuation, desire, of being enraptured with all kinds of warmth in your life and the many other facets of love.

What is love?

At the point of being loved, when you are in a position of feeling that feeling of being the very love, at that point you are in a position of having a sense of safety, of feeling joy, of feeling helpless and trusting, in light of the fact that you realize the love is exuding from inside you, and you are brimming with the sentiment of intimacy, closeness, delicacy, and tenderness, and with a feeling of knowing, knowing yourself, knowing the world, and knowing your relationships with those who are within both you and creation.

The essence of St Valentine’s Day is love. Learn to love yourself, love others and to love the world. May you be filled with love every day.

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