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True Confessions Day

What a fine day to speak out and tell your secrets to the world. Yes, because we celebrate True Confessions Day! And it’s not about exposing yourself, but about releasing and letting go of all things you keep inside, that actually keep you away from being yourself.

The world we live in today is filled with secrecy so this holiday comes at the right time.

Yes indeed. The world we live in is a “well-stitched” web of secrets, of things we think we cannot say or are too afraid to admit. But human society isn’t meant to live in this level of secrecy. The cult of secrets doesn’t actually keep us together as humans, but drive us apart.

Are there good and bad secrets?

Keeping our deepest secrets is being untruthful to ourselves and others. When we keep something secret from our family and friends because we believe that we protect them, it is just another form of dishonesty and lie. These are the so-called “good secrets”.

And then there are the “bad secrets”.

These are the secrets about ourselves that we don’t want the world to know, fearing that we may be judged or labeled in some negative way. Most of the people today have at least one of these deepest secrets and are too afraid to come out and speak their truth.

We’re too ashamed or afraid of what the world will think of us, of being judged or unaccepted. It’s a fear for survival, actually.

But there is a twist. When we speak our truth:

We’re not really afraid of the world, but of our own judgment about ourselves

The world is a reflection of the inner world we hold inside. What we believe about ourselves, we project into the world, and the response that we get is a big YES. It is just like looking in the mirror.

When we accept, love, and cherish ourselves for who we truly are, at a soul level, we no longer project negative vibes in the world.

It takes courage to confess to our deepest secrets, fears, and hopes. But once we do, we see that those negative beliefs are never true, and we experience the greatest freedom there is. Freedom from the prison mind, where is no judgment, no fear, no guilt. Today is the day!

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