Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement – Juliana Frances

Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement

Toad Hollow is a mystical place in Michigan where wonderful events and historical reenactments and fun classes were held based on the storytelling of Ralph C. Morrison. His message being “every day” is a good day to spread a kind word and do a good deed from the heart.

Kindness is essential to:

  • Speak encouragement to communicate emotional well-being and performance
  • Give encouragement to the needs and happiness of others
  • Take encouragement to enhance your performance and thinking
  • Offer encouragement to help others enjoy positivity in general
  • Support encouragement gives qualitative data with having positive feedback
  • Strengthen encouragement determines our satisfaction and ability to perform
  • Applaud encouragement creates happy feelings and positivism
  • Inspire encouragement to implement good advice without judgment
  • Need encouragement using self-satisfaction as motivation
  • Stimulate encouragement makes your thinking more extensive and creative
  • Understand encouragement to recognize the truth, praise, and gratitude
  • Feel encouragement to help understand and empathize with others
  • Practice encouragement to spread success

You are loved and what you do is loved.

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