Thumb Appreciation Day - February 19 – Juliana Frances

Thumb Appreciation Day

Where would you be without your thumbs? Texting, tying your shoelaces, writing, brushing your teeth, to picking up your fork, knife or spoon to cut and eat with, to name just a few, plus exceedingly more…

Thumbs also communicate and express encouragement, acknowledgment, agreement, approval, or disapproval, respectively.

Have you ever considered how important thumbs are, and how much you use them? They can be used for pinching, grasping, rotating, and flexing. Just for a moment, stop what you are doing and look at your thumbs. There are a number of exercises to help increase the range of motions with your thumbs and fingers.

  • Let them move up and down, and around both clockwise, now anti-clockwise. Are the thumbs going in the same direction, or opposite to each other? How far can you extend both thumbs?
  • Now place each thumb on each of your fingers making the shape of an O.
  • Do a tight clench fist, hold for a few moments, and feel what emotion arises. Is it frustration? Take a big, deep breath and with a big blow release that breath, and relax. Repeat this process a few more times.
  • To help strengthen the muscles of your fingers and thumbs, place your hands palm-down on a flat surface. Gently straighten each of your fingers and thumbs without forcing the joints. Stay in this position for 30 to 60 seconds, and repeat for at least four more times.

Would you be able to think about another action that would be extremely difficult to manage without your thumbs?

Next time you see someone doing something kind, or you agree with a situation that everything is okay, just give them the ‘thumbs up’ in appreciation for what they deserve as the tick of approval that you happy.

Make sure to thank your thumbs today.

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