Tell a Fairy Tale Day - February 26 – Juliana Frances

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

People have created fairy tales from early ages, amazing and unique worlds, using only the power of their imagination. These worlds have helped them in many ways. Fairy tales have helped them overcome their fears and create a place where the world is more beautiful, nicer and miraculous.

The power of imagination is what helped humankind survive over the centuries.

We use imagination every day, every moment, and we’re not even aware of it. Today, as we celebrate “Tell a Fairy Tale Day”, we can all play with our imagination as conscious creators of our dream world.

We are creators of our world anyway, so why not make it a good one?

What is Your Fairy Tale?

Creating a story, such as a fairy tale is a form of catharsis, a form of clearing out negative blockages from our present lives and wrapping everything up with the desired end. The more you exert the power of imagination consciously, the more you can transform your state of being and your life for the better.

The most popular fairy tales we know, have a great moral story and a happy end. Life is the same. We go through difficulties, we are stretched and bend by life events only to grow into our best versions and trump at the end.

Today is the perfect day to re-write your story the way you want. You have the power to change your story with each passing moment. We are made as our creator, with the amazing skill to create and shape our reality.

What is the fairy tale you tell about yourself today? Is it making you happy, is it making you feel good? Are you the hero or the villain? Is it uplifting or does it bring you down? Your fairy tales are your reality, so tell a good one.

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