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Solitude Day

Today is the perfect day to take some time off and be by yourself. The reason is that today is Solitude Day, an annual holiday when we celebrate being alone. Yes! Being alone and spending time in solitude away from the pressures and crises of daily existence can be both beneficial and enjoyable.

Psychology specialists agree that spending time alone is very beneficial for our emotional and mental health. Here are only three contemplations why spending time alone is actually beneficial.

  1. Listen to the Voice Within

The world is quite a noisy place. With so much interference and noise, it’s sometimes hard to listen to the voice of your intuition. Spending time alone allows you to invite silence and relaxation in your mind and soul. When we stay in silence, away from all that noise, we can better connect with our intuition and listen to the only voice that matters.

  1. Get Inspired

All brilliant ideas come when we are alone with our thoughts. At one point, there is a crack between the thoughts running through our mind making way for pop ideas to pop through. Inspiration comes harder when we’re not alone with our ideas and thoughts. When people are around, our inspiration can interfere with their limiting beliefs and find it more difficult to come to us.

  1. Better Relationship

The solitude and alone time can actually help you have better relationships. When you spend time alone, you get to know yourself better and develop a better relationship with yourself. And of course, the relationship you have with yourself is reflected in the relations with other people. The better friends you are with yourself, the better friend you can be for others.

Who would have guessed that spending time alone can actually help you have better, stronger relationships with others, right? Spend solitude day enjoying some good quality alone time. Do something that you truly love, focus on your hopes and dreams and don’t allow anything nor anyone to kill your vibe. Happy Solitude Day, my friend!

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