Smoke and Mirrors Day - Break out the Illusory Smoke and Mirrors of the Ego – Juliana Frances

Smoke and Mirrors Day

This day was originally dedicated to magicians, who used to use distraction methods like smoke and mirrors to make their public believe their “magic tricks”. The term extended its understanding, and today we use “smoke and mirrors” as a general reference to everything deceptive or related to deception.

On Smoke and Mirrors Day we celebrate the illusions of life, things that distract and deceive.

How to observe and celebrate this day? We all have been deceived or led to believe things were different, at some point in our lives. An illusion is a teacher that wants to help us see the truth. In many cases, we don’t want to see past the deceit, the false perception, because we’re afraid of what we might find.

The biggest smoke and mirror in each and everyone’s lives are the negative beliefs of the ego-mind. This illusion is so well-built that we cannot even perceive it as being illusory. We don’t even realize the deception we’re in. However, the ego (and it’s related fears) is not an enemy. The ego is the interface we have chosen so that we could experience life incarnated in this dimension. It’s like the character you choose when you play a video game.

The problem is when we cannot make the difference between our eternal spirit and the ego. When we believe so much the constant mind “talk” and we think that talk is us. That’s where the smoke and mirrors lead to deception and falsity.

But there is a simple rule to know when it’s the ego’s smoke and mirrors or when it’s the real you. That is how you feel. Everything you think about yourself and the world that is negative and doesn’t make you feel good is false. Period. When we understand this and live by it, we break out the illusory smoke and mirrors of the ego and thus release ourselves from all the deception in the world.

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