Seeing Eye Dog Day - January 29 – Juliana Frances

Seeing Eye Dog Day

A Seeing Eye dog also referred to as Guide dogs are a service dog that helps guide the blind or visually impaired gain independence, confidence, and greater mobility safely from one destination to another.

A Seeing Guide Dog Instructor trains the selected puppies to learn the complex skills of leading people around obstacles, to guide their handlers through a range of destinations including stationary or moving traffic, and a myriad of places including busy, loud shopping centers.

Seeing Eye dogs are very trustworthy, and only follow instructions when it is safe to do so. For those people who become blind or who have low vision, Seeing Eye dogs help regain their independence by getting them back into society.

The companionship and loyalty these guide dogs provide have a huge and positive effect both mentally and socially that scales down anxiety, loneliness, and depression, contributing more confidence, friendship and security.

These special dogs can really make a difference in a blind person’s life that little bit easier.

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