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Old Stuff Day

On March 2nd marks Spring Cleaning, a day the world celebrates “Old Stuff Day”, a day to declutter the old and make space for the new. We all have a few personal belongings we no longer use, gathering dust in our home. This celebration is the perfect time to go through the old stuff that no longer serves you and give them away.

More so, this day is not just about decluttering your home from old stuff or things, but also about cleansing your mind from thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Spring is a time for new beginning and regrowth. Hence, the ideal moment to redesign your thought processes and choose new powerful beliefs that serve your life's purpose.

Each and everyone’s past is filled with ghosts, that sometimes still creep up and get to us. These scars are just a reminder of how much we’ve grown and how many things we’ve learned. This is their only purpose. The old ghosts need to be gone.

There are three stages of change:

  1. Acknowledge what is old and outdated in your life.
  2. Become aware that you no longer need them and realize that it’s time for a change.
  3. Empower the new with a solid action with confidence.

Allow this day to be that day where you have the power to let go of harmful thoughts, ideas, and emotions. You need this declutter too, on a soul level. Your spirit wants a rebirth, and it’s up to you to feed it with positive, true beliefs about yourself and the world you live in. Remember that all the negative beliefs and fear that you have are not actually you, but a manifestation of the ego, through the subconscious programs that run your system.

The “Old Stuff Day” starts with setting yourself free from the negative believes by decluttering your mind and soul first. When this declutter is done, the good, loving, and positive beliefs have enough space to start pouring in and fill your heart with vital loving energy.

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