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National Sons Day

Parents of boys all over celebrate this yearly holiday, “National Sons Day”. It’s a day to pay special importance to what raising a son means, as they will be future fathers, role models, and leaders. It is also a day for boys to appreciate being a son and embracing their parents for all their efforts into bringing them up and giving them the best education.

Celebrate “National Sons Day”

The best way to observe and celebrate this holiday is by spending more time with your son/s and making time to listen to their needs, dreams, and fears. How about dedicating this day to your son/s and doing something he/they love most? Going out as a family, a picnic, or playing a sport together. Something to make your son feel special and loved.

This day is also about reflecting on your parenting.

We all want to bring up impeccable men into society. As parents, we do our best given our skills, interests and what works best for our family, not our gender. Thus, it’s important to teach our sons a healthy level of respect towards all individuals of society, both men and women. Gender equality is something learned at home. Parents — especially dads — need to model this behavior at every given opportunity.

In the end, the guidance we offer our son will help him mold into a responsible and respectful individual, towards all members of the society, indifferent from race, creed, sex or other things that make us unique.

We are all together in this world, all needing to be loved, to fit in, to feel accepted and appreciated. What we want, we need to offer. “National Sons Day” is a great opportunity to reinforce the idea of gender equality to your son/s, and to create a better world for the next generation to come.

Sons come into our lives for a season, sons come into our lives for a reason, and hopefully a lifetime.

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