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National Gun Violence Awareness Day

2nd June is the day to celebrate National Gun Violence Awareness Day. It is time to raise the issue of gun violence that is ruining the life of many people. This day is here to make people aware of many things they might don’t know. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were 434 mass shootings in 2019 with 1,643 people injured, and 517 died. It’s time to stop these massive human losses and spread the message of peace by learning about gun violence on this day!

We are not breaking news:

It’s time to make the change and be united to stop this unusual phenomenon. We all should be united and stay together with peace. It’s time to see the world being a better place to live where none of us must feel danger while we walk outside. On this day, let's stay united and stand together, saying no to gun violence and innocent brutality.

Practicing gun violence awareness:

We must practice different preventive measures to reduce mass shootings. The incidents of gang shootings, intimate partner violence, and accidental shootings are rapidly increasing devastating the lives of many people. The financial cost only for gun violence in the U.S. was 174 billion dollars that have been rising since that day. And, today we stand with more cases, death, and injured family members.

Try to work for gun control strategies on this day as this is now the need of the society! There are currently many support organizations working on reducing gun violence. Celebrate this day by working with the violence prevention allies. Learn the support process and pieces of training to ensure that you are a part of this. We are all together in this till the end.

Your one-step can change the future of the world. Happy National Gun Violence Awareness Day!

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