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National Farm Workers Day

Every year on the last day of March, we celebrate National Farm Workers Day. This is a special celebration praising the tremendous work of farmers nationwide. Agriculture has been and still is a basic human activity for sustaining human life. Without agriculture, it would be impossible to enjoy all the fruits, legumes and vegetables we have available today. Farmers don’t have an easy job at growing crops and foods. It is one of the hardest human labors, but at the same time a fruitful and bountiful one, literally. Also, it is a full-time job, all year round.

If there wasn’t for the work of farmers we wouldn’t have anything to eat.

How to Celebrate Farm Workers Day

A great way to observe and celebrate this day is to go to your local farmers’ market. Buy local produce from your local farmers and express your gratitude for their hard labor and efforts. Show them your respect and share this on your social media.

Raising awareness is another way to celebrate National Farm Workers Day. There are farming charities out there that need our help and support. Choose to fundraise and invite your friends to do so too.

Also, go visit a local farm. If you have kids, this is the perfect occasion for them to see how much work is put into making food available to them. They will appreciate their food more when they understand that it’s not an easy job for farm workers worldwide.

Buy from their farm shops and enjoy delicious and nutritious local produce.

The long term approach and the best way to celebrate this day is to continue to buy locally and seasonally to sustain and support local farmers and their family businesses. It’s our job to support the amazing people who bring food to our table and this day is especially appropriate to pay them your respects.

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