National Escape Day - Escape in your Mind – Juliana Frances

National Escape Day

Feeling exhausted, feeling empty or unable to cope with the demands of life? Now is the time to pause and to escape everything —a day for yourself—a day for your own health and wellbeing — or escape in your mind.

Treat yourself to a trip somewhere, take a long soak in the tub, or curl up and read a book. Throughout your day look for opportunities to be more mindful.

Why today? Because you are worth it. You absolutely deserve to have a loving, healthy, vibrant life. It is time to take a stand for you to honor your value, to be always happy and cheerful.

The concerns and responsibilities of our day to day existence can be overpowering. Take action by addressing everyday stressors: caught up in traffic, financial stress, managing the pressures of every-day life, excessive workloads, ill-health, family situations, work deadlines, the weather, or just balancing work and life adds strain and feeling this pressure impacts our emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

Capture your gratitude for everything you are grateful for in a journal. Be mindfully aware to take time in your life to just sit, relax, escape and be thankful.

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