Missing Persons Day - February 3rd – Juliana Frances

Missing Persons Day

Missing Persons Day commemorates those who have gone missing with families, friends, work colleagues, close affiliates and students left with heartbreak and confusion, grappling with unanswered questions.

It is important to remember that people go missing for a variety of reasons. The person may be intentionally running away from real or perceived family or personal conflict, victims of foul play or target of organized crime,  asserting their independence, lost due to an accident, getting lost hiking, encountering a shark attack or taking time out. Some simply forget to make contact.

Missing Persons Day creates an opportunity to reopen any disappearance files that have baffled the authorities of people that have sadly vanished without trace under mysterious circumstances.  Many missing persons cases are found within a short period of time. However, there is still a very long list of cases that have been investigated still remain unresolved.

The community plays a critical role in reporting a missing person. It is helpful to provide a full description, including the size of clothes, address and phone numbers of friends and acquaintances, ethnicity, and any distinguishing marks, tattoos or scars. Many people cannot recall the color of someone’s eyes.

Spread a message of hope. Together we can help bring them home.

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