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Let's Laugh Day

What a great day for a good laugh! Yes, today is hahaha… Let’s Laugh Day. Hilarious or not, today is the day to LOL and LMAO. Laughing is such a natural and valuable human expression, related to joy and happiness. Sure thing it deserves a day on its own.

Thus, The National Let's Laugh Day has been created and celebrated every year on March 19th.

The easiest way to observe this holiday is to have a good laugh. Watch a comedy, meet your besties, or even go to a laughter yoga class. Yes! There’s such a thing as laughter yoga. And it has an open mic too. You don’t have to crack jokes or do a traditional stand-up, but take the mic and laugh as loud as you can.

Laughing is actually very contagious!

This was the whole idea behind Laughter Yoga Australia, invented in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria in Mumbai, who wanted to mix together some deep cleansing exercises with something more cheerful that would make people burst into laughter. And so he did. The story has it, since 1995, Dr. Madan Kataria has not had one day without laughter. And neither his students. Today, his unique yoga classes are practiced in more than 110 countries all over the world.

I did mention laughing was contagious.

So, are we happy because we laugh or do we laugh because we’re happy? Opinions may vary, but I am sure it works both ways. And if you think about it, laughing is so natural, fun and doesn’t cost a thing!

Take today to laugh as much as you can, take up a laughter yoga class if you wish, but whatever you do, don’t bring yourself down, not today! Wishing you a lot of LOLs today! Haha!

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