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International Widows' Day

This rose represents International Widows' Day raising awareness for widow support.

Widows face many problems after the death of their husbands, and they have to struggle for their fundamental rights. These women lack social acceptance, and this can lead to a decrease in both economic and social status. The total number of widows present throughout the world is 245 million, which is a large ratio. The day is to honor these women and to raise awareness against the social rejection and poverty issues faced by these widows. Loss of a partner is not an easy thing to deal with, especially in the case of women, as it needs much courage and patience to face a patriarchal society. Not only in terms of the financial crisis, but widows also face an emotional crisis. International Widow's Day makes us realize how widows are equally significant in society as other individuals.

Towards progress for widows:

Widows have the right to get the fair share from their inheritance, to live their life according to their choice, and to enjoy the freedom of speech. The world celebrates this day internationally from 2011 until now, and the purpose of celebrating this day is to regain all the women's rights and for the widow support. Many awareness campaigns proceed on this day for the prestige of these widows. So engage yourself with these campaigns and speak for the rights of these women, your one-step can go for a change in their lives. Search online for NGOs working for widow rights and donate for the right cause. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, can actually bring a smile on someone's face.

Let us finish this discrimination level and raise our voice for the financial and social widow support. Make them feel special, spend time with these windows, and listen to them. Wish every widow Happy International Widows' Day!

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