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International Polar Bear Day

Every year on February 27, we celebrate the International Polar Bear Day. This event is meant to draw attention to the challenges that polar bears face in the warming Arctic. Yes, this is a saddening situation but the more we become aware of it, the higher the chances we do something about it.

What does the polar bear symbolize?

The polar bear is a force of nature that embodies both strength and beauty.

In addition to being a majestic wild animal, the polar bear stands for strength and endurance under harsh conditions. Bringing the polar bear symbol into your life will help you overcome hard life situations better.

As a spirit animal, the polar bear comes to aid in hard times. Whenever you feel weak, or seem that you cannot overcome a burden, the polar bear can boost strength and help you destroy your limiting beliefs.

Even more, in Shamanism the polar bear is said to know the path between the worlds, and it can offer guidance and assistance for those interested in astral travel. 

Polar bears are silent reminders that in the midst of chaos, you can always find peace. They help with grounding, due to their heavy nature. In addition, polar bears spirit animals help us take on leadership positions in our lives, by instilling respect and confidence.

How to celebrate International Polar Bear Day?

There are steps anyone can take to prevent the dramatic decline of polar bears. One of them is to rethink and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Renewable energy is the only option if we want to protect polar bears from extinction.

Finally, yet importantly, be as vocal as you can on social media to bring more awareness to the matter. Hold a good thought for the polar bears, create a positive reality for them, and send out more love into the world.

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