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International Day of Happiness

Good news always comes together or follow each other. While yesterday was Let's Laugh Day (and we spend it laughing all through the day, right?), today is the International Day of Happiness. What a fine day for being happy!

What is happiness to you?

A fresh cup of coffee in the morning, a hug, seeing your best friends, spending a day with your family, a silly dance in the mirror, binge-watching your favorite show?

Whatever it is, do it today.

Make this day a source of happiness and most importantly, decide that you will be happy today, no matter what comes to you. Life is like a box of chocolate, all right, but you decide what flavor you want, or if you want any.

We all have the power to make ourselves happy by what we give our attention to.

If we choose to focus on the positives in our lives and on the life we want to live, we create more of that. And when we focus on the negative, we bring ourselves down. Happiness is not a random act of “humanness”, it’s a moment to moment choice.

Choose happiness and happiness will choose you.

There are many ways in which we can add to our personal happiness and that is, by being of service to the others with what we have and can do. When we make others happy, we make ourselves happier. In this sense, the UN created a "17 things bucket list"  with what we can do to make this world a happier place to be.

Happiness is a state of being

Today is the day to be happy, by choice. The world changes before our eyes, things come and go, one day you’re up here and the next you’re down there. But your own personal happiness is not something that just happens, it’s something you choose, intentionally or not, with every second of the day. Make every moment of every day to be filled with happiness.

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