International Day of Education - Everyone Deserves to be Educated – Juliana Frances

International Day of Education

Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


  • Education is the key to learning
  • Education must be accessible to all, regardless of gender
  • Education is a fundamental right.
  • Education empowers people to build a better world
  • Education gives us knowledge
  • Education provides skills and values
  • Education can help to reduce poverty and inequality
  • Education is vital to protecting human dignity
  • Education empowers minds to create thoughts, ideas, and talents
  • Education builds shared prosperity and success
  • Education generates life decisions
  • Education initiates enthusiasm for personal and community development
  • Education helps overcome discrimination
  • Education improves health and longevity
  • Education must be accessible without discrimination and to those most vulnerable
  • Education actuates peace

Ultimately, the possibility of education for all is achievable, beyond poverty, gender inequality, and social isolation.

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