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International Children's Book Day

Today is a very important celebration for children all over the world. That is, every year on April 2nd we celebrate Children’s Book Day, a day to acknowledge and power of reading and their impact on the development and happiness of our children. Toddler books have existed for centuries, but over the past decades, people have understood the immense importance of reading to your children and encouraging this behavior. So take this day to spend time reading to your kid or supporting their passion for reading.

The International Children's Book Day was first celebrated in 1967, at the initiative of IBBY, The International Board of Books for Young People. April 2nd actually marks the famous toddler book writer Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. IBBY is a non-profit organization from Zurich, Switzerland that has 70 member countries. Each year, one country takes a turn in organizing the festivity, following a special theme.

In 2020, the theme of this special holiday is “Hunger for words” and will be held by Slovenia. The theme speaks of the children book’s writers who, with every coming of Spring, are consumed by their writing. A good metaphor is that of a cocoon transforming into a butterfly. When the story is done, it is released into the world, just like a beautiful butterfly so that children can enjoy it. This creative writing process happens again and again.

This hunger for words is symbolic. Children are hungry for new stories to feed their imagination and to help them grow. While writers and poets are burnt to the ground by the fire of their inspiration, and eaten away by their own stories. In a sense, writers of toddler books invest their vital energy into the story they create to feed off the hungry minds of children all over the world.

International Children's Book Day is the perfect day to spend some time with your children, see what they are hungry for, get them new books to support their passion and keep their curiosity alive.

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