Inspire Your Heart with Art Day - Sensing a purity of form – Juliana Frances

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Art is acknowledged for its diversity of beauty and intrigue that appeals to the senses or emotions.

Enjoy being in the zone with a piece of art. Artists know what that zone is when it was created. Take a moment to engage with it. Some art is not understandable. For others, it may be intriguing, bewildering or filled with wonderment.

Get inspired by the many genres of art:

  • Galleries are a great place to visit
  • Discover the diversity of an Art trail in your local area
  • Visit a live theatre performance
  • Watch a movie version of a theatre performance e.g. Hamlet
  • Read the same work of a play as an insight into the characters, plot, and theme
  • Listen to a new type of music
  • Dress up and attend a ballet performance
  • Attend a theatre workshop
  • Read a synopsis on morsels of ballet lore
  • View displays of Public art in Public Places (activist art, participatory art, sculptures, murals, statues, Plot art, or Sand Sculptures)
  • Create your own masterpiece
  • Try a new creative art form
  • Impart your musical knowledge on how to play a musical instrument
  • Experience a live concert
  • Watch an inspirational film.
  • Share your art with others
  • Attend a BookFest
  • Many cafes exhibit local artists
  • Showcase your love of poetry in a Poetry Slam competition

 Regardless of whether we are moved by music or see into a craftsman's spirit through their work, art has the ability to transform us, to motivate and inspire our hearts.


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