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I Want You to be Happy Day

Were you aware that ‘happiness’ has a specific day in the yearly calendar? That day is celebrated on March 3rd. This day is not about your happiness, but the happiness of the people that you love and appreciate, your family and friends. No one knows exactly who created this holiday, but given its positive impact, we can guess they had the best of intentions.

There is a saying: “What you want, give to others.” Do you want your life to be filled with happiness? Then make others happy for today is the day!

We all have our good days and bad days, some days we feel upbeat and happy and others we are sad and depressed. This happens when life happens to us and not for us. When we live unaware of how the universe works, we tend to go with the flow of events. And if something “bad” happens, we feel bad too. Happiness is not just something that actually happens just to us, but as a gentle reminder of keeping a positive mindset as a daily habit.

If your friend or family member doesn’t know this and lives unaware of the thoughts they have, take this day to allow them to become aware. Do this in the most loving manner possible, without judgement or pointing fingers.

Some people only need a shoulder to cry on when they feel sad. Offer them your support, to listen to their fears and doubts. We could never experience happiness if there was no sadness. It’s a yin yang. There can be no light without darkness, and out of the deepest darkness, the brightest flowers grow.

A hug, a joke, a burst of laughter is something we all need sometimes from the people close to us. Everyone goes through challenges in life, and happiness is not always given. When we understand that we’re all the same and want the same basic things in life, we are more caring and loving towards our fellow man. Today is a perfect day to make others happy!

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