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I am in Control Day

Control freaks or control lacks, this day goes out to you because today we celebrate I Am in Control Day! Actually, we all have a special relationship with control. Sometimes we lose it and sometimes we take it.

And this pretty much depends on the beliefs we have about it. Some people think they need control all the time, not only over their own actions but over those of people around them. Others lack self-control.

Either the case, today is a good day to evaluate your relationship with control and whether there are things to make this relationship better. So, the question is:

What is Your Relationship with Control?

The need to control things comes from the ego. The ego always feels vulnerable and fearful of being exposed to its smoke and mirrors, so it has this constant need to control things. Yes, it’s the ego’s fear of, actually dying.

But there is actually a good side of self-control. When we use self-control for the good, we become more powerful, more confident and don’t need to control others or the outcomes. Self-control comes with focusing your thoughts on the reality that you prefer, and not giving energy to the things you don’t want to happen. This is when control is good and is serving you.

How to Celebrate I Am in Control Day?

You are in control of your thoughts and actions all the time, even if it seems to be the exact opposite. Today is the day to use self-control to ditch a bad habit, such as smoking, alcohol or eating sugar every day. We all know which the things that harm us are, and when we make the conscious decision to stop doing those things, we take back our power and they no longer control us. Then we’re in control. It may take time to develop self-control, but it is totally worth it!

Other ways to celebrate this day:

  • Use a daily planner
  • Declutter
  • Make lists
  • Do one thing at a time
  • Learn organizational skills
  • Ask for help
  • Talk with someone
  • Trust in your decisions

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