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Goddess of Fertility Day

March 18 is a very special holiday for women and feminine energies all over the world is The Goddess of Fertility Day. On this special day, which coincides with the spring equinox, we express our gratitude and appreciation for fertility goddesses throughout different mythologies, and of course, the fertility principle in women.

Most mythologies have a special place for fertility, rebirth, and creation. These qualities are usually attributed to the goddess earth, or Gaia, the divine feminine energy. Fertility in women is closely related to the season of Spring because it’s the season where everything “springs” back into existence and nature comes back to life.

Goddess of Fertility in Different Mythologies

If ancient Greeks would be alive today, they would celebrate Aphrodite, the goddess of fertility, love, and procreation. Romans would celebrate Venus, the most beautiful goddess of their pantheon. They would pray and make offerings to their mighty goddess, to receive her blessings for fertility and creation.

Isis, the mother of Horus in Egyptian mythology, is also celebrated today. She was also the goddess of life, healing and magic, and a protector of women and children. Germanic tribes send their offerings to goddess Ostara or Ēostre, where the celebration Easter comes from.

How to Observe the Goddess of Fertility Day

Women are the symbol of fertility because of their unique power to birth children and create new worlds. Every woman is a world in herself and when she blooms with happiness, trust and confidence, a myriad of miracles come out of her.

Today is a day to celebrate women, mothers, sisters, their power to create a new life and their unconditional love.

Express your gratitude and thanks to your mother, and the mothers around you. Then turn your attention to the mother within you, the womb with all its potentiality. This creative vortex that separates women from men is what makes us truly unique. Express your gratitude for the magic of fertility, love and new life.

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