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Go for Broke Day

You know that thing that you wanted to do for so long, but you didn’t find it in you to do it? Well, today is the day to take that chance and venture into the unknown of life! The reason is that today we celebrate Go for Broke Day, the best day to take the opportunity to turn your life around, follow the voice of your heart and step on the acceleration pedal. Get out of your comfort zone, make the necessary adjustments or changes in your life and LIVE for once. Just DO it!

April 5th is not about giving in to fear of those negative beliefs you believe to be true. Negative beliefs are not actually true. They are not actually you. They are the scared voice of the ego, who is too scared to look at itself, and thus, it does anything in its powers to make you think it is right. However, there is a way out.

There is only one way to know if what you think is actually true and valid: how it makes you feel. All negative beliefs are false. That which is not true about yourself will make you feel bad, uneasy and scared. That’s how you know it’s not true. Don’t buy into beliefs that are not yours, not today!

Let today be about taking chances, taking risks even if your ego will go broke. That’s not the real you. You are the spirit that breathes life into this body, and this spirit is God-like.

When we see life from the bigger perspective we understand that there’s no reason to give in to fear and not live it to the fullest. This means, that no matter how crazy it sounds, you need to do what your soul longs for.

Go for broke day, take the opportunity to live the life you intended to live and enjoy every step of the way. Today and always!

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