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Get a Different Name Day

Customarily our name is bestowed upon us by our parents. People change their names for a myriad of reasons.

Life is a series of changes. For myself personally, whilst we were farming, I discovered new and exciting ways of treating the land and our cows, and I felt a deep inner peace within. I recognized that I was not the same person, rather moving towards the person I wanted to be – evolving my consciousness and to nurture my spirituality. My spiritual name Morning Clouds was birthed. Now today ‘Get a Different Name Day’ I have set in place to legally add Morning Clouds as my middle name. So my new name will be Juliana Morning Clouds Frances.

There may be a number of other reasons why people may wish to change their name:

  • Those not content with their present name given to them without their choosing
  • Children may accept another name as parents separate or wed
  • Spelling botches on birth certificates
  • Adopted children may take another family name.
  • “Funny” letters within the name that may freak or upset other people
  • Special circumstances such as a protection order
  • Wrong pronunciation
  • Marriage and divorce why people change their name
  • The name has specific relevance to you, your family
  • Wanting a fresh start or it’s time for a change
  • Hiding from something (law enforcement or failure to pay debts)
  • Cultural or religious reasons
  • Naturalization to have USA citizenship
  • Transitioning to a new gender identity
  • Less ethnic
  • Reclaim a family name that was changed from the past

Some names may be restricted on the off chance they cannot in a reasonable manner be utilized by the public or potentially on legitimate identity documents:

  • Obscene or offensive
  • Contrary to the public interest in using unauthorized an official title, rank or position
  • Too lengthy or misleading
  • Fraudulent or for false or illegal purposes
  • Specific connotations provoking social disharmony
  • Purporting to depict commercial, company interests or trademarked names
  • Must be suitable for legal and administrative purposes
  • Names with numerals or punctuation marks
  • If under-aged, you will need parental permission

Your name is a term utilized for recognizable proof of identity and is important to both you and the community. Your name characterizes you.  Your family, friends, and colleagues address and refer you by your given name. We happen to live with it in spite of our preferences towards our name. Know that every name is unique, beautiful and distinct and recognizes the importance our role names play in our lives. Our names appear on our passports, driver’s license, government documents and non-government services, medical and hospital records, school and universities, Deed Polls plus many more…

There are two options on how to change your name. Firstly by ‘Change of Association’. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues that you wish to be called by another name without any formal steps. This will be by reputation in the community by association only.

Choose your name wisely. It is a serious commitment you are making. If you are serious and have a desire and have a good reason you can get to change your name either legally or permanently. Each state and country has different or varying procedures, rules, and processes with paperwork, documentation, and fees. Some countries have lax policies, whereas other countries can be difficult or even impossible without a compelling reason. You can change your first/given, middle, or last/family/surname or all three. Acquire all the requirements in your jurisdiction.

  • Lodge a legal name change application with the necessary documents including Birth Certificate or amended birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree or Court granted petition must first be obtained
  • Fingerprinting
  • Criminal background checks
  • Proof of residency for a certain period of time

When all your personal legal name change documents have to be finalized, you will need to notify, and call anyone you know and tell them about you have made a switch to change your name. This includes government agencies, including Internal Revenue, Social Security Administration, the Department of Motor Vehicles. Notify your bank, credit card companies, insurance, mortgage companies, utility companies, and postal services to name just a few. Some states it is a requirement to publish your new name and make sure you check the length of time it is required, or to post on a designated bulletin board at the courthouse.

Start getting used to using your new name, even getting used to signing your name. Politely tell people that you have changed your name and this is now how you would like them to address you.

Rather avoid that much stress to change your name legally, why not create and celebrate a nickname just for today!

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