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Dentist's Day

March 6th is the National Dentist’s Day, a celebration that reminds us of the importance of our dentists, for our oral health and overall wellbeing. And we all know how much a good dentist actually matters when we have a really bad toothache.

Hence, today is the day to send your gratitude to your dentist. You can either send them a text or simply think of them and how much you appreciate their work and skills.

Things you didn’t know about dentistry

First off, dentistry is one of the oldest medical specializations in the world. The first historical record of dentistry dates back around 2600 BC, mentioning Hesy Ra, the first ancient Egyptian dentist we know of.

In ancient times, barbers were also performing dentistry work, especially teeth extraction. This was before dentistry was officially acknowledged as a medicine branch.

Dentistry, as we know it today, emerged at the end of the 17th century, but it sure was not as pleasant. Back then, there was no anesthesia, but rudimentary dentistry equipment, and less knowledge. It’s easy to understand that going to the dentist was only for the brave.

How to observe and celebrate Dentist’s Day

Making a dentist’s appointment for a routine check, a professional floss or dental cleaning can be a great idea to meet your dentist and express your gratitude. Learn more about dental health. Ask your dentist about the things that you’d like to know. Spend a few more minutes brushing your teeth with gratitude. Learn about alternative, less dangerous ways to take care of your oral hygiene, such as homemade toothpaste or mouthwash recipes. Eat something healthy for you and your teeth.

Pay your respects for the dentistry profession and all the ways in which it has benefited you over the years. Today is the day!

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