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Celebration of Life Day

Are you living life, or is life living you? Emotions are the foundation on which we build our life.  No-one is immune to emotions.

Celebration Of Life Day

We exist with an array of traumatic suffering or hindrance of expression, feeling, and identifying overwhelming emotions:

  • birth trauma
  • knocks and spills
  • attitudes
  • hidden wounds
  • habitual thoughts
  • suppressed anger
  • fear
  • unworthiness
  • grief
  • resentment
  • disappointment

and anxiety translating into a continual dramatization moment to moment. 

Responses to our emotions are played out in many different circumstances.  A chain reaction to these responses moves to all parts of our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.  

To mark Celebration of Life Day, make a list of everything you are grateful for. Tell your loved ones what they mean to you. Place your hands over your heart to really feel, to honor, to capture and celebrate the wonder of your life in this moment and smile.

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