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Cartoonists Day

May 5 is celebrated as World Cartoonist Day, for those who put a great deal of effort to add comedy, emotions, and entertainment into our lives. Either with a brush, pen, or pencil, cartoonists will fill your life with creativity and humor. Their beautiful canvasses make us look at every situation of the world with different perspectives. No matter whether they are about social issues or the real face of politics. The Cartoonists Day is for all the artists out there who marked our childhood with vivid memories of the best cartoons ever.  

An inspiring cartoonist:

From doodling to comic books, Lakshman Balaji has risen to fame in the cartoon industry in a very short time. He is a young Chennai guy who did not leave his passion even after becoming a successful dental surgeon. His sketches and cartoons are doing a great job of breaking all the language barriers and communicating his ideas to the world. He is currently running a Facebook page of his own with more than 4 million views on his artwork. Most of his artwork is based on local culture and politics. However, he has managed to win the hearts of thousands of people with his creativity.

How to celebrate National Cartoonists Day?

The best cartoon makers deserve to be celebrated for their artwork. They make valuable sketches that provide us with a lot of information and entertainment at the same time. What you can do on this day is to cherish your memories and search out for your favorite comic books. You can also search online comics on this day and get inspired by the creativity of these cartoonists. You can also try to sketch something on your own. These cartoonists add color to the hectic lives of people.

So, celebrate this day and make them feel special on this day. They are making the world a better place to live with their cartoon skills!

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