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Big Word Day


National Word Day, also called Big Word Day is celebrated every year on April 21st. You have guessed correctly, today is all about words. Most importantly, the day is about coming up with new big words to keep the English vocabulary fresh and kickin’. Word. This is the whole idea behind the big word day.

Why National Word Day?

Well, every language vocabulary around the world is made of words. But words were made and refined by people, in time, through speech. So, it is safe to say that people make up the vocabulary, through their use of the language. Over long periods of time, people have a great impact on the vocabulary and language itself. We tend to short words when we speak, so we covey more meaning with little words. Hence, it is bye-bye to all the big words people used to use.

But not today on big word day!

Today is a day to remember the power we all have in creating new words out of old ones, or coming up with new words completely. How are you going to use your power to make up big words to use? There are many big words to use in the English dictionary.

The English language actually has 171,476 words, out of which 47,156 words have become obsolete. Those are the kind of words that fall in the category “big words that can be brought back to life and make one look smart”. This sure can be fun. Even Shakespeare used big words in his classic volume of books!

How to celebrate Big Words Day?

Look up the English dictionary to find the longest words there are. Find some big words to use and impress your peers with your vocabulary wit. Or, there are even how to use big words and not make a fool of yourself type of guides, you can find online. Either way, Happy Big Word Day!

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